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Welcome to Bondi Blue

We at Bondi Blue Vodka love great times, laughs and friendships.

We all love to create amazing memories and share them with our family and friends, we live in an amazing place and have produced a luxurious premium Australian made Vodka, a Vodka that we want to share with the world one sip at a time.

Drinking Bondi Blue Vodka will express what we believe to be the Australian way of life, that way of life being that we love to have fun, we love to create amazing memories and we love to share it with our mates.

We Australian's are proud of the Vodka we have created, its incredibly smooth leaving you wanting more, Bondi Blue is Australia captured in a bottle made from pristine waters as pure as life itself.


Bondi Blue is our answer to offering a luxurious premium made Australian Spirit to the world, we wanted to create something special that could showcase our Australian lifestyle to not only Australians but the world.

It is refreshing, nicely balanced and easy to drink on its own or mixed.



Our lightly frosted bottle is both fresh and elegant, showcasing a subtle map of Australia on the shoulder and featuring a series of stylish cracks on the lower half. The bottles two most eye-catching components are our logos.

The “BB” and “Bondi Blue” have been carefully colour matched to share the spotlight in different settings and under different types of lighting.

Our Bottle is fresh, crisp and clean.


Australia is the young nation, the world's little cousin.
We still believe in fairytales and we still want to be superheroes.
We put fun before serious and play before work.
We believe anything is possible.
And we can't sit still.

We're a land of youth.
Our old faces have young hearts.
Our young hearts beat fast with passion.
And our passion is the purity in life.
We've found that if you love life, life will love you back.
One sip at a time.
Australia is An Amazing Place.

Bondi Blue is Australia captured in a bottle.
Young, Pure and Full of Life.

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated and the brand is focused around being purely Australian.

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